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Portraits, illustrations, goodies (+ customizable), stickers, posters... your imagination and your desires have no limits, it's up to us to find the way to make your wishes come true.


Do you want a portrait of a person dear to you or a beloved animal, a trace that will remain forever, with that extra soul that a simple photo cannot offer? Details here.

Make your request via the contact form.


Do you want a portrait or a particular illustration on an everyday object: T-shirt, mug, poster, your dog's bowl...? (selection of eco-responsible products only)

Request a quote via the contact form.

portrait d'un homme au graphiteportrait d'un homme au graphite
portrait de chat sur un mug
portrait de chat sur un mug
person standing near the stairs
person standing near the stairs
For professionals

You are a professional and want to develop a range of advertising products, create posters, illustrate a page, a text, a book...? Explain your wishes and request a quote via the contact form.

All the products sold in our stores below are print on demand, so PATIENCE. Some time is required for production and shipping.

Printing on demand is not only a saving in terms of investment and storage, but it is also, and above all, another way of consuming more responsibly: less waste and pollution. Today, we have become accustomed to fulfilling all our whims with the snap of a finger, or with a click. Result: we are jaded about everything; nothing has any taste, flavor, and we instantly forget those “essential” purchases in a corner. So relearn the pleasure of waiting (like at Christmas), the thrill of impatience, the joy of discovery. They will make your purchases more valuable.

For our part, we will ensure that we always offer greater care and quality.

a triangle shaped sign on a yellow wall
a triangle shaped sign on a yellow wall


Textile shop

To buy a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a bag... with our great illustrations on it, go to our store (French printer on demand, super quality, GOTS certified products: production and transformation processes respectful of environment, respect and improvement of working conditions, promotion of the use of organic fibers, ban on dangerous inputs such as toxic heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc.), plastic-free packaging.

eco responsive bags illustratedeco responsive bags illustrated

Find novels and collections from ED, as well as illustrated books from Punez and Picco on Amazon. Yes, Amazon, not pretty, not good values... and everything... but again: printing on demand, digital format option, ecological and economical (no need for a Kindle tablet; it works too on a phone), and best option in self-publishing.

book signage hanging beside white wallbook signage hanging beside white wall
happy man posterhappy man poster
Decoration shop

To buy a poster, or other decorative or home object, with our best illustrations or nature photos, go to this store (printing on demand with control over the origin of the source material and responsible printing)

a triangle shaped sign on a yellow wall
a triangle shaped sign on a yellow wall
Copyright reminder:

All illustrations and photographs presented on this site are protected by copyright. It is prohibited to reproduce or reuse them in any way.

A portrait or illustration created and delivered to order remains protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced and used without authorization and a transfer of rights contract.

If you wish to share one of our images, please first let us know, and then mention the source in your publication.