A little vocabulary

To communicate you need to know the meaning of words.



9/23/20236 min read


A little vocabulary

There are some words transformed into insults...

The vocabulary of the average little French person is already considerably reduced (according to several alarming studies), if in addition the few words used are not mastered at all, then what is the point of spoken language? A few onomatopoeias or other grunts with frowns and lip turning will quickly become enough for everyone to communicate.

The problem with words today is that they are only used for labeling, without knowing the origin and manufacture, to instantly classify or downgrade to the different levels of one's costume closet. Each word given to you represents, not a concept, but a logo, because we live in a world of images and they prevail over any definition. You have to know how to wear the right brand to be trendy, pass checks, keep your eyes, arms and legs intact, stay free, and save your life.


“Activist”, no it is not an insult, even if it is obviously becoming a crime in these troubled times. And I'll explain why.

Today, this word is linked to this image of fire and blood, to terrorism, and even worse... to "intellectual terrorism" (sic)! 🥶

So there you have it, to be clear, the simple basic definition of “activism” is:

Leadership system that favors direct action and personal initiative

Activism would therefore consist of... being active 🥶

And that, today, nothing is more shocking. In this beautiful era of generalized “who cares” and scrolling screens on sofas. Yes, acting has become a vulgarity, an infamy, a risk of formal public lynching.

The best known and most fashionable form of activism is political activism. And no! No, good people, he does not have a political party, nor is he necessarily an extremist. Activists favor action over words. These actions may or may not be violent. An activist can be a pacifist. And a classic public speaker can be a dirty Nazi who advocates the eradication of an entire population, and therefore potentially be a tad more dangerous. Acting is not systematically evil and ill-intentioned. Talking is not always harmless and without consequences. So no, there is no positive or negative connotation in the words: activist or public speaker.

We must always return to the simple and clear definition of a word, and then add others to make sentences that clarify and complete the thought. Because the problem is that without this assembly of words, thought no longer exists (this has also been proven). And everyone becomes again this glorious ancestor fond of onomatopoeia, with turned-up lips, whose main tool is the bat.

Remember that actions considered as NON VIOLENT are:

Petitions; videos; hack; propaganda; strikes; civil disobedience by obstruction (sit-in, interposition, blockade, etc.), or by abstention (refusal of all kinds and boycott).

And yes these are actions and not “blackmail” or “intellectual terrorism”...

Activism is not just political. We come to what I have always practiced: philosophical or moral activism. Action as a primary means of leading one’s life and accessing the truth. It is: not thinking and wanting to be good, but acting to be good (for example). It means leaving the purely intellectual framework, sterile collective debates and endless meetings, or those in our own brain, to put into practice, in movement, to realize oneself, to reappropriate one's own life, to make a reality, touching the absolute truth of being.

And then there is artistic activism, of course, the one that (from my point of view) saved modern art. It is that of Banksy, of all the graffiti artists and illustrators who denounce or alert through beauty. Just as I particularly cherish literary activism. I don't understand how we can reduce the arts and literature to simple distractions, when moving us is precisely their deep foundation. Indispensable artists and writers who shake up regimes and people, sometimes banished, exiled, sometimes locked up, murdered...

My France is the country of Voltaire, Zola and Hugo.

This will only be my opinion to conclude: acting under the influence of emotion, without thinking, like thinking without acting and without emotion, leads to nothing. All three are necessary for the dignity of each being, and for the vital balance of the individual and the world.


To immediately set the record straight: no, ladies and gentlemen hampered by blindness, being objective and realistic is not being negative. No. This is not the meaning of this word. Stating irrefutable, concrete, real facts is not negative. A fact is a fact. It is neither negative nor positive. It is a fact.

And no, being positive does not consist of living like a happy imbecile basing your entire existence on the one and only “who cares” (for people incapable of using the “I”, through cowardice and the need to belonging, social proof and superiority; see manipulation techniques article). This is called denial and passivity, and there is absolutely nothing positive about it.

To be positive, precisely, is to be proactive, to ensure that we improve what surrounds us and ourselves, to remedy... As a result, we can largely consider that an environmental activist, for example, is not a harmful anxiety-provoking preacher of the end of the world, but an active fighter who does not wish to see it happen, and who tries, if not to remedy it, not to participate in it any further.

DIRTY HUMANIST 😳well...better and better

Being human would suddenly have become a vice or a defect. Even the Pope would be affected by it. Advocating humanity is “giving lessons”, just like stating facts is “making people feel guilty”, just like being an activist is “telling people what they should do”... In short, the populations are in the middle of a puberty crisis: spoiled illiterate brats who refuse to clean their rooms and reject all authority. But in particular refusing authority worthy of trust and respect, in favor of a bloody, cooler authoritarianism. Probably out of love for video games... (sic)

Being "human", crying, suffering, shouting for others, holding hands, offering one's heart and a piece of bread, has become a subject of mockery. The “ouin ouin” we call them. The total absence of empathy and respect, of mutual aid and dignity, the overabundance of hatred, violence and death, on the other hand, are on the top list of trendiness and social balance.


A Manichean world? Not so much. It seems rather one-sided. Everyone passes the ball on, but in the end it lands in the same camp: that of visceral hatred. Contemptuous judges of all sides. For this I have always had the same solution: no gathering, no specific cause supported. Because numbers do not make intelligence, far from it (this has also been proven). And, from my point of view: no cause should oppose or compete with another. They converge in one and the same goal: respect for all that is, for life in general, without particularity. What could be more execrable than seeing the poor fight with the destitute?

It is certain that, at the moment, it is neither objectivity, nor temperance, nor common sense that will stifle the average person, especially on social networks. War of small words, vomit throwing contest between entrenched camps. And I'm tired of getting it on my head when I'm walking in the middle. Thank you mother nature for making me solitary, or antisocial (as you please), as long as I remain human under my animal skin.

Take a step back from a situation or an image, describe it as accurately as possible, seek to understand its circumstances, be aware that each human being can be capable of the best or the worst, depending on their experience and the situation, their instincts inscribed in the genetic heritage (manipulation techniques), its reflexes conditioned by past experiences... that's what is called objectivity. And she betrays no cause. On the contrary, it is the only one that guarantees a healthy mind and reactions. There is no silver lining to systemic hateful impulsiveness. Hate stinks as much whatever its side, its party, its sex, its age, its color, its nation...

You can only be a traitor to yourself and your beliefs. Discarding the opinion of the blinded group is not treachery, but a necessity when it commits the same abuses as those it allows itself to condemn. On that note, don't forget to look up to the sky from time to time.


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