Manipulation techniques

How manipulation techniques are today exploited excessively and crudely for all purposes (rarely good...).



9/7/20236 min read

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une plage magnifique surplombée d'un grand soleil avec le logo Ed Punez Picco


Basically offered by great nature to allow the survival and evolution of our species, these primitive reflexes are today used like a big red button connected to a weapon of mass destruction, which we press frantically. It's very effective. Or not... To destroy yes, but for the beneficial version they don't really master:

The negative, therefore...

Exploited with parsimony and subtlety by tricksters and salespeople to make us buy products that we do not need, these keys to access our brain are today used daily, with a jackhammer, by all the media, to sell us an unsavory ideology and social norm. In a crude way yes: either by total contempt of the audience who we think are so stupid that they will not see the big tricks, or by their own intellectual inability to understand the principle, or by taking substances which should be automatically monitored by regular blood tests with psychiatric assessment upon accession to a position which could lead to the destruction of millions of lives. Or is it a bit of all of this combined? So, for a variety of possible reasons, it's carnage.

Unless this is precisely the goal sought by the zealous practitioners of a cult of Satan based on pedophile orgies, drawing energy from innocent souls, protected as they are by the coat of arms of families who possess 90% of the riches of the planet, as they themselves are possessed by the demon... In short, whatever the reasons, it is the effects on our behavior that I have come to talk to you about.

Let's give some simple examples (I hope):

-the principle of reciprocity: this is what pushes us to give back what was given to us. This is what makes us feel guilty when someone asks us for a service, and prevents us from refusing (normally). It is widely used in commerce: we give you a taste, we offer you a sample without you having time to say no... and when you are offered to buy, you are naturally more inclined to do so, so as not to be ashamed (dirty profiteer). And this generally pushes us to give back much more than what we were given: a life in exchange for a salary for example.

This turns into a weapon particularly sharp to serve the worst purposes:

“Look at these others to whom we constantly give while they contribute nothing.” The ax of non-reciprocity falls. Social judgment operates. Some do not follow the original rule. We must take back everything they have, remove them from the group, or even eliminate them.

This reciprocity is used to denounce the uselessness and the weight of certain well-targeted people who would benefit from everything and give nothing back. We will call them: the “poor”. Which includes the majority of workers, since they never do enough to deserve their miserable salary which does not allow them to live, these lazy people (if some of them still had not understood that they were in the same basket).

At another time some people were criticized for keeping everything and not redistributing anything: the rich? No not them! The rich are deserving. I am talking about these “dirty Jews” who accumulated wealth just for themselves, among themselves, and dishonestly, of course. We had to take it back from them.

Ah the "poor"... yuck... ungrateful as they are, they always want more, without bringing anything to society apart criminality which would not exist without them...

This is our beautiful instinct of reciprocity, which has allowed us to grow in positive mutual aid, which finds itself manipulated for disastrous purposes: destroying this same social system for the benefit of a few, unbalancing the entire scale until it breaks and the whole planet with it.

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logo Ed Punez Picco + Terre = coeur avec deux mains unies sur fond rouge avec fleurs et étoiles

-the principle of social proof: numbers make truth. In uncertainty, in difficult, violent, unusual times... completely lost, we naturally turn to others and observe their reaction. We then no longer have to think or feel guilty about anything, since we will have just done “like everyone else.” If no one does anything or says anything, neither will I. Alone, I would certainly have reacted differently, shocked by what I saw, taken with a reflex to rescue. Never mind. You have to do like the others, not be noticed and risk problems.

In this way, the more we daily bludgeon certain images featuring chosen acts and words, the more these are grafted as “adapted behavior” (even if these words and these acts were considered despicable and fiercely fought not long ago).

Join the ranks in numbers, join the shapeless mass without identity or face, follow the movement, and above all: stop thinking! Feeling relieved of any physical or moral obligation. The mental discharge of the crowd which washes us of all our sins. They are no longer sins. They become virtues that pay off big. A murder quickly, so quickly, becomes an action justified, approved, congratulated then reproduced...

Ideas and behaviors contrary to all reason become good. It is no longer a question of doing good or evil, but of doing like others. Uniquely. This is how the worst tragedies are repeated indefinitely. Oral or written propaganda already had its effect, but it has been proven that images have much more impact. Seeing a fellow man act makes us act, for good or bad. But the media is more inclined to convey evil. It's crispier. The height of misfortune: a film showing scenes of violence, rape... with the laudable aim of denouncing it, would on the contrary contribute to amplifying the phenomenon, by grafting these acts into the subconscious as being normal, with a small feeling of excitement and entertainment to boot. Yes, the violence in all series and films trivializes violence.

An individualist world? No, no on the contrary: a total cohesion between similar people, a collective foolishness at its global peak, by the media and networks. To be on the good side, the one of the majority in which we are made to believe, by the multitude of images to which we are forced to conform, and whatever its madness.

This phenomenon is amplified by another principle:

-the need for superiority: when one, or more individuals, or even a society, or even worse an entire planet, is doing badly, very badly, then a need for valorization grows. This valorization being impossible by ourselves, we seek it in the other, the one who resembles us: man, white, straight, French... Any common point which would bring us closer to the one who is "at the top", who has “ succeeded” and crushes all the others, makes us feel like we are him. Through these common points, we seize their “strength”, their “power”, and make them ours (principle of association: man=strong; white=superior... so I am).

The more critical the situation is, the more individuals suffer internally, and the more this need for superiority grows, leading to hatred. And yes: if these behaviors give the impression of confidence and oversized ego, they are in fact representative of individuals who no longer have any control over their dull and sad lives. And I'm certainly not going to pity them... We are all capable of choosing what kind of person we want to be. Courage is taking charge of our life, not destroying others to feel better. None of this makes us better. It's quite the opposite. And this spiral of hatred will not lead us to any solution or salvation, but on the contrary will precipitate us further into our fall. To all.

Above all, never forget that the principle of this manipulation is to make us act against ourselves, for the benefit of another, and not for our own good.

enfant seul rêveur, son visage est un ciel bleu avec soleil, et trois enfants au fond visage gris
enfant seul rêveur, son visage est un ciel bleu avec soleil, et trois enfants au fond visage gris

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Happy reading. And look up to the sky from time to time.


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